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    Paul Gerber

    Living in Cape Town I really wanted to race on our local track Killarney International Raceway. Searching the interwebs I only found a old RFactor version of the track and although it was close to the real layout of the track it lacked realism as all the buildings was not like the real track.


    I then decided to look into creating it myself not having any modding experience I started looking at tutorials and came across a really awesome application, Race Track Builder.

    What makes this application really good is, it allows you to take any location from Google Maps and import it so that you can build your track on top of it. It also allows you to import the actual elevation, although I decided to switch this off.

    I then started building the track, and RTB really makes it easy with already included tarmac textures and some basic assets to build basic track, but as soon as you start looking at the details of the real track you start to find that almost all track side objects will need to be modeled from scratch.

    Imported into RTB and track plotted:


    This is when I got into the world of 3d modeling, I decided on Blender as its free and there is a lot of content online to help a person starting out, if you interested in 3d modeling look at BlenderGuru, he’s got really nice beginner level tutorials to get a person started.

    I decided to start with something simple – a vibacrete wall





    Next was the Pits, a lot more challenging and for a first try it was okay, but this will probably change in future as I build my skills in blender – Need to remove the sharp edges:


    Containers behind turn 4:


    Drag Start Tower – By now my modeling skills is a bit better so modeling the drag start tower wasn’t to difficult, but I soon realized that texturing was just important as the model itself, here I need to improve on. Even to model windows took some research as AC requires to a person to use a specific shader to get the opacity of the window.


    I then did the spectator bank on kink 3, this was added for the World Rally Cross. – This still needs some fine tuining


    I thought that I would rather finish a section of a track first before continuing to the next, so I will start focusing on turn Turn 7


    Last night I finished the Scrutineer building next to the drag strip. As you can see the round edges look a lot better, will definitely need to redo the pit building. The blue paint might also need a bit of tweaking. Now to import into RTB…





    I neglected this project a bit, but learned a new skill in blender, this is to bake your textures into one big texture, this makes it a lot easier when importing the objects into RTB.

    Added the scrutineer building on RTB, and created the stands and also added it in RTB

    Next up is the back straight viewing deck and garages, this one might be a bit of a challenge:

    If anyone is interested in getting a very pre-alpha derivable version let me know then I will share it.

    To be continued…..

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    Wow @paulgza – amazing work here – keep us posted on the progress.



    Can’t wait for this, it’s going to be awesome!



    Nice Paul, taking shape very nicely!



    I have been looking for a Killarney track for so long, and was so excited to find this post. Well done! I will pay money for a good rendition of this track.  In fact, I have actually been at a point where I was trying to find people to create this track for me, for payment.

    Can you please get in contact with me. I will happily test out your track, provide feedback and also perhaps connect you with people who can help you build, if you are interested.  And if would be happy to contribute some money towards your project, if it will help you to work faster on this. 😉

    Please reply here, but also email me at Looking forward driving your track.





    Adding to my post above – I found another person who created some South African tracks, including Killarney, but not sure how finished it is. its not really completed. Maybe you can collaborate and find ways to improve each other’s tracks?

    see here:



    Been looking for Killarney for Assetto Corsa for awhile. How is progress going? Would love to try give this track a go

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