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    Hi All

    I’m from the Mother City and a big fan of sports and especially Formula 1. I’ve watched F1 and supported Michael Schumacher since 1991 and then later became a Ferrari fan when he moved to the team in 1996. So obviously I’m also a big Kimi and Seb fan currently.

    I used to be an avid gamer back in the day, but only recently revived my inner-kid and got back into gaming and more specifically sim-racing, although I also like the casual insta-gib-deathmatch in UT or some FIFA.

    For cash, I run the an online business and in my free time  I try to come up with dad-jokes. I also play some chess and squash to keep me out of trouble.

    I have no real racing experience, but I’ve always loved driving and I’ve lost count of the number of speeding tickets I’ve racked up. (I know, I need to work on my braking, but to be fair, I didn’t have a spotter most of the time..)

    I guess anything to do with racing gets my attention. I even bought a Scalex-set not too long ago and also like RC-cars and would like to get into some RC-racing at some point.

    When I grow up I’d like to build or restore my own sports-car. (Maybe an Opel Monza, my first car)

    I am very excited about RaceFace and the sim-racing community in general and hope to contribute in a meaningful way.

    So that’s me, hope to hear from you soon!






    Yes Kasha thats what my sis said too…she did hers years ago at Tafe in Twmba. Ill probably have to do more once Ive finished this. Maybe by the time Im 50 I might be considered a professional

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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