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    Howsit guys,

    I’ve created a Dirt Rally League for us, its more of a hotlap challenge and consists of 4 events. Each event will run for a week and consists of a single stage. Event restarts and stage retry are both enabled.

    The League is called Team RaceFace League (TRF), the 1st event opens on Monday 22 October, looking forward to seeing you there!

    TRF League


    Ryan Hill

    YES!!!! IN



    Just a FYI for those that didn’t already know…

    Pacenote Interpretation

    This should help all that aren’t familiar with 6-1 system, the number references the angle of the corner as shown above.


    Paul Gerber

    Will definitely have to make time for this one


    Ryan Hill

    Additional details

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    Ryan Hill

    This can also be helpful:


    Ryan Hill

    People can also follow this link to join:


    Steven Terblanche

    would like to join



    Alrighty guys, so the 1st season done and dusted, thanks to all who participated!

    Season 2 is running now so get those times in!

    We’ve changed the structure slightly, events still run for a week but now consist of 3 stages and retry and restart is NOT ALLOWED

    We will also be doing RX nights every now and then so be on the lookout for those!



    would like to join the league.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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