The registration for the new RaceFace Season starting on the 21st of January is now open.

Please register by completing the relevant form:

(Please note that you need to register individually for each league in which you want to participate(F1 League/AC Sprint Cup(Porsche)/ ACC GT3 Championship)

RaceFace F1 South African League/ZARL(Open to all nationalities): F1 League Registration

RaceFace AC Sprint Cup(Porsche 911): AC Sprint Cup Registration

RaceFace ACC GT3 Championship: ACC GT3 Championship Registration

Please check in on our Discord server( for any further details and information or email

You can see the Race Calendars at this link: RaceFace Season 3 Race Calendar

By registering you accept that your mobile number will be added to a broadcast group for each relevant league on Whatsapp and Telegram where we will post relevant league information and reminders. This will also be used to communicate any changes in race start-times should we need to in the event of load-shedding(South African racers will understand). We will try our best not to spam and you will be free to leave the group at any stage, but it will then be your responsibility to check for announcements on Discord for start-time changes etc.

There will also be a chat group for anyone who wants to join in some fun banter, but this is completely optional.

Thank you for your participation and welcome to RaceFace!


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