After a very successful first two seasons of the RaceFace ACC GT3 Championship, won by Bruno Cadilhe and Charl Wilken respectively, we ready up for the next season with the exciting addition of a GT4 league on Wednesdays, starting with the first race at Barcelona on the 5th of August.

The first race of the next GT3 Championship will be on Thursday, the 6th of August, also at Barcelona.

The next Formula 1 League will adopt the latest F1 2020 edition of the Codies-title for the upcoming season, starting on Tuesday, August 4th, with the Chinese GP.

Follow these links to register for the respective leagues:

ACC GT3 Championship
ACC GT4 Championship
Formula 1 League (F1 2020)

ACC GT4 CalendarACC GT3 CalendarLocation/Track
Wednesday, 5 AugThursday, 6 AugBarcelona(afternoon)
Wednesday, 12 AugThursday, 13 AugBrands Hatch(evening)
Wednesday, 19 AugThursday, 20 AugMisano(morning)
Wednesday, 26 AugThursday, 27 AugKyalami(night race)
Wednesday, 2 SepThursday, 3 SepMonza(wet race)
Wednesday, 9 SepThursday, 10 SepSpa(afternoon)
All qualifying sessions for both leagues will be 20 mins starting at 20h30(GMT+2).

Changes and Race/League formats


  • Qualifying session will be shortened from 35 mins to 20 mins.
  • Race time will be shortened from 85 mins to 80 mins.
  • The pit window will now open after 10 mins and close 10 minutes before the end of the race to still encourage clean driving, especially in the first few laps of the race. Still only 1 mandatory pitstop with a required tyre change.
  • Success ballast will be halved from last season and will now also apply to Pro-Am and Am-divisions.
  • The new success ballast allocation: 1st: 25kg, 2nd: 20kg, 3rd: 15kg, 4th: 10kg, 5th: 5kg.
  • The season will only run over 6 rounds as we plan to do another 10 round season which will start in October and end in December to round of a great year for sim-racing.
  • Promotion/Relegation: The top 20 drivers in the driver standings of each division will retain their place in the relevant division. The top 5 drivers of the Pro-Am and Am-divisions will have the option to be promoted automatically.
  • There will also be a grading process announced shortly for the remaining 10 places in the Pro-division where by any driver currently in the Pro-division(outside of the top 20) and any driver from the Pro-Am and Am divisions or new drivers can compete for a seat in the Pro division.


  • Qualifying sessions will be 20 mins.
  • Race time will be 45 mins. No mandatory stop. Flat out from start to finish!
  • No success ballast will be applied in the GT4 league.
  • The season will run over 6 rounds in line with the GT3 league and will run on the same circuits as the GT3 league in order to allow drivers to race in both leagues every week without having to “learn” two new tracks.
  • A grading process will be announced shortly which will allow us to seed drivers into Pro, Pro-Am and Am divisions before the start of the season.
Formula 1 League CalendarLocation/Track
Tuesday, 4 AugChinese GP
Tuesday, 11 AugAzerbaijan GP
Tuesday, 18 AugDutch GP
Tuesday, 25 AugVietnam GP
Tuesday, 1 SepBahrain GP
Tuesday, 8 SepMonaco GP
Tuesday, 15 SepMexican GP
Tuesday, 22 SepCanadian GP
The lobby for each race starts at 20h20(GMT+2), followed by Short Quali(20h30) and the Race(50%).

Formula 1 League:

  • The new season will be run on the F1 2020 title from Codemasters.
  • The format will revert to 50% races, preceded by a short-qualification session.
  • The F1 league will run over 8 rounds for this season.
  • There will be 2 tiers for this season.
  • A grading process will be announced shortly which will allow us to seed driver into Tier 1 and Tier 2.